D337 MultiStim Case & Power Supply

D337 MultiStim Case & Power Supply

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  • Accepts 14 standard single width modules
  • Links timing and power between modules through rear connections
  • Output from all monophasic channels available via 25-way “D” connector
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The D337 MultiStim Case and Power Supply is designed to accommodate up to 10 channels of stimulation (using D333/D343 Dual Stimulator modules) from either a common timing generator* or external timing signals. The motherboard distributes power to all modules, the timing pulse control and links the outputs to a common socket and optional digital current/voltage D335 Meter.

Stimulation modules can be fitted into the 10 right-hand bays, reserving the first 4 single width bays for timing, meter modules or blank panels.

This rack is fully enclosed and free standing on a table or bench using its front feet to tilt the case as necessary.

* Facilities exist to use either a D331AT Sync & Gate, D334B Sync or D341A Sync & Train with a D332T Pulse for an internal timing generator; or a D344 Remote to make the channels independent and allow remote timing of each channel.

The D337 rack can accommodate a number of different modules. Some of these will have a timing function (some incorporating the rack power switch), some will perform stimulation and some monitoring. The modules can be split up into a number of functions and sizes. Table 1, (opposite) illustrates how the D337 rack can be configured.

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Product Information

D330 MultiStim Brochure

D330 MultiStim Operating Modes

D330 MultiStim Module Selection Flowchart

Publications which cite use of the Digitimer D330 MultiStim can be found on Google Scholar.





  • Mains (Power) lead
  • Operator’s Manual


  • This unit will not operate without necessary timing and stimulation modules installed
  • Output plugs for stimulation channels (NL822P/10-BLACK or NL822P/10-RED)


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