NL108A Pressure Amplifier

NL108A Pressure Amplifier

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  • Designed for our pressure transducers (NL108T2 and NL108T4)
  • Input range of ±15V
  • Gain of 1V/100mmHg or 100mV/cmH2O
  • 0-24V (25mA) bridge supply
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The NL108A pressure amplifier from Digitimer is a module which provides two gain settings, one appropriate for blood pressure measurement (1.0V at the output corresponds to 100mmHg pressure at the transducer) and the other for low-pressure measurement such as intra-tracheal pressure (100mV at the output equals 1cmH2O at the transducer port).

An internal voltage calibrate provides the appropriate deflection (1.0V or 100mV) for these two ranges of the pressure amplifier. Other features include excellent DC stability, a push-button switch for setting the zero-pressure baseline on the recording instrument and a sensitive zero offset control.

Although the NL108A is designed to mate perfectly with our own pressure transducers (NL108T2, NL108T4), due to its internally adjustable gain and bridge excitation voltage, it can be used with a variety of other standard pressure transducers.

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NL108A Pressure Amplifier

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