WIN a brand new iPad Pro!

Just show us what are you doing with our products!

While we’re busy designing new equipment for life science research, we don’t always find out what our customers are using our products for, so if you are using a Digitimer device for some ground-breaking research or just employing it in a novel way, we want to see and hear all about it. We’re offering you the chance to win a brand new iPad Pro in return for a 5-10 minute video presentation, showing us what you’re currently working on and how our products make your research possible.

To provide some guidance, please take a look at the video that one DS5 customer has published on JoVE, where they used nerve excitability testing to examine the neurotoxic effects of chemotherapy.  We are looking for good quality videos which clearly demonstrate the important role our product plays in the research or method being presented.

Just let us know when you have a finished video to submit and we will provide you with a link to upload the file to us.

If any of the videos you provide are featured on our website, you’ll win an iPad Pro! – So dust off your camera, get shooting and show us what you’re up to!