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New Products for Human Neurophysiology

Digitimer Electrode and Neurodiagnostic Accessory Range Extended

Digitimer has a long tradition of supplying accessories and products that complement our range of isolated amplifiers and stimulators.  Now, we have extended our neurodiagnostic accessories range with the addition of a selection of products from GVB/SPES.

Several of the new products, such as the new Bipolar Stimulating Electrode and Bar Stimulating Electrodes, pictured below, are replacements for equivalent products that have been discontinued by our previous supplier.  Others, including the Disc Stimulating Electrodes, are new to Digitimer and further enhance our ability to supply equipment that is ready to use as soon as it is delivered and unpacked.

Bar Stimulating Electrode

Bar stimulating electrode with two stainless steel round 10mm electrode-surfaces at a spacing of 30mm. The lead wire has a length of 100cm. This electrode is suitable for recording applications, but can also be used as a stimulating electrode.

bar electrode
gvb spes catalogue cover

Bipolar Stimulation Electrode

Bipolar stimulation electrode with an ergonomic handle for more comfortable handling.  The electrode has two 7 mm stimulation points at a distance of 28 mm and may be used with the supplied felt pads or screw-in stainless steel ball electrodes.

The electrode set consists of:-

  • 1 Bipolar EMG stimulation electrode
  • 2 stimulation balls (G.SFERSTIM) with screw thread
  • 10 stimulation felt pads (G.FELT0710)
  •  1 Velcro strap

* Allows direct connection to the Digitimer range of Clinical Stimulators.

stimulating electrode
surface disk electrodes

Disc Stimulation Electrode

Supplied in red and black pairs, our new Disc Stimulation Electrodes are manufactured from 10mm diameter stainless steel discs and are fitted with 100cm lead wires and 1.5mm touchproof DIN42802 connectors.  The electrodes are intended for transcutaneous electrical stimulation applications.

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Currently, only a limited number of GVB/Spes products have been added to the Digitimer website, but note that we are able to supply their full GVB/Spes range, so if there is a product within their catalogue that you would like us to source, please just get in touch with us.