Neurolog System

NL905 Neurolog System DigitimerThe NeuroLog System is now widely accepted throughout the world by scientists who demand high quality, dependability and innovation in their research instrumentation. Typical applications include: intracellular recording, extracellular recording, spike detection, electrical stimulation, pulse & train generation, multi-channel isolated EMG or EEG recording, pressure or other transducer recordings.
Because the NeuroLog System is fully modular, it has the following well recognized advantages over non-modular “multi-purpose” instruments:

  • Greater Flexibility  Complex systems can be quickly assembled or modified.
  • Enhanced Efficiency  Modules can be shared among several set-ups, expanding capabilities without duplication. Only those modules required for a particular task are tied up and occupy rack space.
  • Wider Compatibility  Input & output levels, impedances, connectors, etc., of different modules in the system are compatible, minimizing the problems encountered in interconnecting pieces of equipment of diverse origin.
  • Cost Effective  Only those modules actually required are purchased. You do not pay for all those functions added to an instrument to make it “general purpose”. Individual modules can be added to the system at any time, as the scope and orientation of your application changes.

The NL900D Case & Power Supply unit allows up to thirteen modules to be installed, but we also offer the smaller NL905 which holds four modules. This means that a single NeuroLog System can be used to monitor several different parameters, such as extracellular spikes, intracellular potentials or even blood pressure, as well as produce outgoing trigger pulses to other pieces of equipment, electrically stimulate a preparation or carry out signal conditioning tasks.

Digitimer produce a number of application notes to help in your module selection process, but please also feel free to contact us.

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