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MED64 Multi-electrode Array (MEA) Technology Now Available


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New Alpha MED MED64 MEA Distribution Partnership

Late in 2017, Digitimer became the new UK and Ireland representative for the MED64 range of multi-electrode array (MEA) products manufactured by Japan-based Alpha MED Scientific.  The company designs, manufactures, and markets the MED64 Microelectrode array system,  originally developed by Panasonic in 1996 and the first commercially available in-vitro microelectrode array system.  Alpha MED Scientific spun off from Panasonic in 2009 and the core members of the Panasonic MED64 development continue to work at Alpha MED, with the company currently led by Hideyasu Jiko, who previously led the Panasonic/Technics high-end audio team.  In collaborating with Alpha MED, Digitimer aims to promote the high quality, low noise MEA systems that Alpha MED develops to our life science research customers in the UK and Ireland.

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The MED64 systems are aimed at researchers in neuroscience, cardiovascular research, pharmacology and toxicology.  The most appropriate system for a given application is essentially determined by the number and type of samples being used.

Low Noise MEA Recording for Multiple Applications

The MED64 range currently comprises five different systems:-

  • MED64 – Basic  A Basic system suitable for all applications (Acute slices, Cultured cells, Slice cultures).
  • MED64 – Quad II  The most sensitive and flexible medium throughput MEA system for both acute and cultured applications.
  • MED64 – Allegro  The most sensitive medium throughput MEA system with multiple wells. Ideal for drug testing using stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes/neurons.
  • MED64 – Plex 4/8  A Medium throughput system for recording from 64 electrodes on 4 or 8 samples.
  • MED64 – Presto  A NEW all in one temperature-controlled MEA system specifically developed for the multi-well (6, 24, 48, 96) format.

Powerful Data Acquisition & Analysis Software with Export Capabilities

All the MED64 systems are supplied with their dedicated Mobius software, which can be configured specifically for the intended cell/preparation type and application.  Mobius is module-based software and comes in a range of application-specific packages, including “Evoked Potential Measurement”, “Spike Sorter”, “QT” as well as combined packages for multi-application users.  It features a varied set of analysis tools including spike frequency and waveform analysis.  Online and offline analysis of all acquisition channels is possible. Raw data and analysis results can be exported for analysis with another software.

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Find Out More More

Digitimer will be enhancing our MED64 web-based content over the coming months, but in the meantime, please contact us for further information and to receive a MED64 brochure, or visit the Alpha MED website at