MED64 Presto MEA System

MED64 Presto MEA System


  • Flexible 6, 24, 48, and 96 multi-well formats.
  • New carbon nanotube electrodes provide a friendly substrate for cells to adhere.
  • Transparent glass base allows clear visibility of cells and compatibility with imaging.
  • Innovative well design (sakura), and ready-to-use accessories that help plating cells.
  • Integrated stage heater and environmental chamber.



MED64 Presto MEA System – Discover the beauty that only the highest-sensitivity MEA can bring to your research!

The MED64 Presto MEA System is a microelectrode array (MEA) system that incorporates the industry leading sensitivity of the MED64 platform in an easy to use multi-well format. Modern, intuitive, easy to use software makes data collection and analysis effortless.

The MED64 Presto is engineered for researchers who need the correct answer to their scientific inquiries and reveals data that can be missed by other platforms.

High-sensitivity Electrodes in Multi-well Format
The MED64 Presto MEA System electrodes are engineered for sensitivity to reveal data that can be missed by other systems. Better sensitivity mean more signals can be detected from your cells. Presto’s new carbon nanotube technology provides a flatter electrode surface compared to traditional MEA electrodes resulting in better cell adhesion onto the electrodes.

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