NL505 Flip Flop

NL505 Flip Flop

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The NL505 Flip Flop can be operated either as a “set-reset” flip-flop switch or as a “toggled” complementing flip-flop module. This makes it useful in setting up conditional and “single-shot” stimuli, and testing logic outputs for the presence of pulses, logic levels etc.

The NL505 Flip Flop is useful in “stretching” or “latching” narrow outputs from units such as our NL201 Spike Trigger. Multiple NL505 modules have been used in place of the “Thalamus” interface box designed for use by Cortex data acquisition and control software (freely available from

It has three inputs, Set, Complement and Clear, and two outputs (Q and Q’) all of which drive or are driven from TTL logic (i.e. +5V and 0V). A LED indicator is illuminated when the Q output is at a high level. A push button control of the SET input is also included, which may be useful for set up and troubleshooting purposes.


  • TTL logic throughout.
  • Inputs: IN/SET (TTL input and manual push down control), Complement and Clear.
  • Outputs: Q and Q’.
  • LED indicator when Q output is high.

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NL505 Flip Flop




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