Urethra Pessary

Urethra Pessary

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The Urethra Pessary may be used in patients with stress incontinence or a mixed form of urge and stress incontinence with previous surgery.

The pelvic floor serves as a support for the pessary. The pessary consists of a spring filling to keep its shape, surrounded by silicone. The thickening elevates the urethra and the transition of bladder and urethra so that an opening of the upper urethra is prevented.

Fitting of the Urethra Pessary

The Urethra Pessary can be inserted and removed by the patient herself.

This pessary is recommended if the patient has a mild cystocele accompanying her mild prolapse as well as stress urinary incontinence. It is fit the same as the regular Ring pessary.

The patient should have a well defined pubic notch to retain a Ring pessary.

To remove a Ring pessary, turn the pessary so that the notched area (by the large holes) is facing the introitus. Fold the pessary by notched area thereby bringing un-notched sides together and withdraw pessary in a folded position.


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    Urethra Pessary

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