Peripheral Stimulators

Digitimer manufactures a range of electrical stimulators for peripheral nerve and muscle stimulation, several of which are medically approved within Europe, the USA or other countries.  Most of our peripheral stimulators, including the DS7A, DS7AH and DS7R deliver monophasic rectangular constant current pulses in response to a TTL trigger input.

In contrast, the DS5 Bipolar Constant Current Stimulator may be controlled by an analogue voltage arbitrary waveform which converts into an isolated current pulse that mirrors the shape and size of the command signal.

Finally, the DS8R is an advanced biphasic, high current/voltage research stimulator that allows “on the fly” computer control of stimulation protocols and thanks to a custom firmware option, has become popular for high-frequency (10kHz) transcutaneous stimulation of the spinal cord (tSCS).

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