SPP-100 Extracellular Amplifier/Filter

SPP-100 Extracellular Amplifier/Filter

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  • Low Noise Extracellular Amplifier/Filter
  • Differential Input Preamplifier Headstage
  • Standalone Alternative to the NeuroLog System
  • High/Low Cut and Notch Filter
  • Compact and Easy to Use

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Based on the amplifier circuitry and specifications of existing NeuroLog system modules (NL100AK, NL104A and NL125/6), the SPP-100 Amplifier/Filter facilitates AC-coupled, differential electrophysiological recordings from animal or in vitro preparations, such as EMG, EEG, single-unit action potentials or local field potentials (LFP’s) and incorporates a gain of up to x20k with high-cut, low-cut and 50/60Hz notch filters.

Because the SPP-100 is a standalone instrument and uses an external AC/DC power supply, it provides a cost-effective alternative to the equivalent NeuroLog system and will be equally at home within research or teaching laboratories.

The SPP-100 is suitable for extracellular single-electrode recordings with high-impedance metal or glass micro-electrodes, but is also appropriate for differential recordings from pairs of gross electrodes, such as nerve hooks.

The SPP-100 is the first device developed using Digitimer’s Small Product Platform (SPP) concept.  It and future SPP products will share modular hardware design principles enabling a common power supply, display and control interface to be rapidly reconfigured to create instruments including amplifiers, stimulators and trigger sources, through use of product-specific application circuit boards.

The SPP-100 amplifier system consists of a main amplifier, remote preamplifier headstage, external DC power supply and accessory kit.

Pre-amplifier Headstage

The SPP-100HS pre-amplifier headstage connects to the main amplifier/filter via the 4-pole Lemo connector at the end of the 2m long pre-wired cable.

The SPP-100HS headstage features a removable rod for micromanipulator mounting and input sockets for connection to the +INP electrode (2mm), -INP reference (inverting) electrode (1mm) and COM/Ground (1mm).

The supplied headstage accessory kit (part code D.SPP-100-ACC) includes connectors for these three inputs as well as a “U”-shaped jumper that allows linking of the –INP and COM inputs when single-ended recordings are being made.  The headstage is compatible with our NL04/NL08 tungsten microelectrode holders and glass microelectrode holders (NL111) which are available to purchase from Digitimer.

Replacement headstages are also available to purchase from Digitimer (part code D.SPP-100-HS).

Main Amplifier/Filter Unit

The SPP-100 main amplifier/filter unit incorporates an external power supply input socket, a 4-pole headstage connection socket and a BNC connector for the amplified signal output.  A mini USB connector is available for possible future use, but does not currently serve any purpose.

There are five controls, a single multi-function rotary encoder/button, and four further push buttons.  Gain and filter settings are displayed via an adjustable brightness colour LCD screen.  A single LED next to the rotary encoder control indicates the power state of the amplifier and is illuminated GREEN in normal operation.

The main amplifier unit includes two fold-out feet that offer an alternative viewing angle.

Are you interested in trialling the SPP-100?

The SPP-100 is not yet available, but we are currently recruiting beta-testers for the first small batch of SPP-100 Extracellular Amplifier/Filter units, so if you are interested in trialling one for a few weeks in return for detailed feedback on your experience of the amplifier, please get in touch with us or our local representative.




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