NL900D NeuroLog Case

NL900D NeuroLog Case

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  • Full width NeuroLog System case
  • 19″ Rack or bench mountable
  • Space for up to 13 single width modules



The NL900D NeuroLog Case from Digitimer has handles and a rack mounting hardware included so that it can be shifted directly between a rack and bench top. The case measures 133mm high (without the feet extended out) by 483mm wide and 317mm deep. The NL900D case contains 13 module bays plus a power supply panel.

The NL900D NeuroLog Case and power supply (without modules) weighs 5.5kg. The NL900D has an integral module retention system, consisting of a simple, slide action lever on the power supply panel. Because of this, fittings such as retained screws and D-Locks on individual module front panels are unnecessary. This simplifies the modules mechanical design, reduces their cost and greatly improves the ease with which rapid changes in module arrangements can be made.

The power supply for the NL900D produces three voltages (+15V, +5V and -15V), stabilized against line and load variations. The voltage outputs are rated at 650mA, 3.0A and 650mA respectively. All three supplies have internal “fold-over” current limiting; the 15V supplies, in addition, are protected with series fuses. Each supply has less than 15mV line ripple at maximum load. The power supply transformer employs a sectionalized winding former for additional safety and complies with the requirements of IEC60601-1. The power supply provides sufficient power for any mix of single width NeuroLog modules, plus up to 2 NL750 Averagers.

A unique feature of the NL900D NeuroLog Case is a built-in error circuit which indicates (by extinguishing the power supply indicator on the front panel) excessive loading of one or more of the three supply outputs. While it is expected that a power supply failure will never occur using NeuroLog modules, the fault indication is invaluable when testing custom circuits built in the NL50 Blank Module.

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NL900D NeuroLog Case




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