D360 8 Channel Patient Amplifier Digitimer

D360 Modification to stop 4G interference


4G or not 4G?

While 4G signals are enhancing the speed of mobile networks, the increasing number of masts being installed on or near hospital and university buildings has resulted in some unforeseen interference issues with Digitimer D360 amplifiers. The D360 was tested and met the interference tests of the standards but the proximity to the new high powered 4G transmitters has been seen to cause specific interference.  We have recently re-designed the D360 headstage to overcome 4G interference and are now able to offer a retrospective modification to D360’s which are suffering from this problem.  For just £295 we will upgrade your D360 headstage and while we only need the headstage to be returned, we would be happy to provide a cost estimate for servicing your complete D360 amplifier system.  Please contact us for further details.

D360 8-Channel Patient Isolated amplifier

The D360 is a computer-controlled 8-channel patient-isolated AC-coupled biological amplifier and analogue filter system, CE marked according to the European Medical Device Directive.  The system comprises a main amplifier unit, a remote active head-box and dedicated Windows compatible control software.  Multiple D360 systems can be connected to a single computer (via a single serial port) to allow multiples of 8 channels to be controlled through a single software interface.  The D360 is ideally suited to research or diagnostic use, as an electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) or evoked potential (EP) amplifier.  Analogue signal outputs mean that the D360 can be used with the majority of commercially available data acquisition systems, so you aren’t restricted to any particular data acquisition and analysis software.