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Please make use of our extensive product support information to help solve any issue you might have. We also welcome feedback relating to our products and level customer of customer service received. If you still can’t find what you are looking for in the product manual or within these web pages, then please contact us directly for further technical assistance, including as much information about your problem or requirements.

Product Support

Including all Life Science Research, Clinical Neurophysiology, Paediatric Surgery and Urodynamic/Manometry products. Product and application specific support resources are now associated with individual product pages. If you have an issue with a particular product we recommend you read the operator’s manual or visit the relevant web page for that product, referring to the sections below (if displayed):-

  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)
  • Downloads
    • Application Notes
    • Publications
    • Software (includes D360 & D440 Amplifiers and DS5 Stimulator).

Digitimer Support

Servicing Policy

At our discretion, Digitimer offers fixed service prices for minor repairs, recalibration and safety checking of some of our products.  These charges only cover administration, labour & parts costs and exclude VAT, packaging and shipping.

Our fixed prices apply to minor faults due to electronic component failure, but do not apply to serious damage caused by mistreatment (e.g. mechanical damage, smoke or water ingress).  Repair costs for faults that are more serious can only be determined following factory inspection.

  • Our standard fixed service fees apply to equipment over 10 years old.
  • Equipment out of warranty, but less than 10 years old is eligible for a 50% discount as these products are generally simpler to repair and less likely to be suffering from multiple component wear and tear, or failure.  Please contact us for price details.

For our products, we request that you contact us to discuss specific problems before returning any item and help us by following the instructions below:-

  • Prior to returning any items to Digitimer, please contact us to request a Service Number and ensure that this number is clearly displayed on the outside of the packaging used.
  • All items should be cleaned and decontaminated, then returned in the original packing box whenever possible, as this provides the best protection from transit damage. We will charge for replacement shipping boxes if required for the return.
  • Enclose a full description of the fault, together with your contact details, so we can contact you.
  • Please include the return shipping address, so the item can be returned to you as quickly as possible.
  • All returns from outside the UK will require a valuation for customs purposes and information explaining the reason for return to the UK.

Failure to comply with these basic requirements may lead to additional charges and unnecessary delays in repairing and returning your equipment to you.

Equipment End of Service Support Policy

We regret that due to parts/component supply issues, age-related wear & tear, and evolving medical device safety standards, we apply an End of Service Support policy for our equipment.

  • For Digitimer research products (e.g. DS3 stimulator or NeuroLog System modules), service support is withdrawn at 20 years from manufacturing.
  • For Digitimer medical devices or products intended for human research (e.g. DS7A, DS7R or D360), service support is withdrawn at 15 years from manufacturing.

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