NL412 Pulse Generator

NL412 Pulse Generator

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The NL412 Pulse Generator is a small, handheld, general purpose pulse generator which can be used to “start”experiments, command the “gate” of a train of pulses or be used with an NL102G DC Preamplifier to “Buzz” electrodes. The NL412 is self-powered by a standard internal 9 Vbattery and is fitted with a 2 m lead terminating in the standard Lemo connector. It is now supplied with all new NL102G amplifiers.

Start – On pressing the button the NL412 generates an active high pulse which will trigger remote modules. Gating – The front panel control on the NL412 provides control for output pulse durations over the range of 1 to 10 ms. Setting this control allows different durations of trains of pulses when the NL412 is combined with a the NL301 Pulse Generator (see above). Use with NL102G – When used with a NL102G (that incorporates external “Buzz” control circuitry) the duration of the “Buzz” is set by the front panel control.


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NL412 Pulse Generator




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