MDS-1 System Overview

Narishige Launch New Products for
Stereotaxic Micromanipulation

MDS-1 Single Axis Motorized Stereotaxic Micromanipulator

Narishige have recently released the MDS-1, a brand new single-axis motorized stereotaxic micromanipulator.  The MDS-1 is designed to be mounted on 3 axis stereotaxic manipulators from the Narishige SMM range and adds high precision movement in the Z-axis.

It is ideally suited to rodent applications, such as implantation of GRIN lenses, insertion of optical fibres or micro-electrode probes for single or multi-neuron recordings.  The digital drive unit is controlled remotely via a 1.5m long cable.  Movement speed can be set either by entering the speed directly or by entering the distance and time.  The available speed range is 0.1µm/s to 500µm/s and the the drive unit accommodates a probe shaft of 3mm to 8mm O.D.

MDS-1 System Overview


MDS-1 Features


The MDS-1 can be optionally supplied with a 7m long connecting cable (MD-DCE-7) to increase the distance between the drive unit and the controller.  For ease of use, the MDS-1 can also be supplied with the MD-OH-1, a hand-held compact controller unit.

MDO-974A, MDO-974, MDO-84 Hydraulic-Motorized Hybrid Micromanipulators

The new MDO-974A and  MDO-974 are motor-driven oil-hydraulic micromanipulators suitable for in-vivo experiments on medium-sized animals. Based on the manual oil-hydraulic mechanism of MO-97A, these hybrid models incoporate a stepping motor enabling speed control as well as greater driving precision, which would be impossible under manual control.

Use of hydraulic-tubing allows greater distance between the animal’s head and the motor, reducing the potential impact of sound or electrical noise during driving. As with the MDS-1, drive settings are easily adjusted and can be made by entering speed, or distance/time. The drive speed range can be set between 0.1µm/s to 500µm/s and the speed can be changed while moving, allowing you to reduce the speed as you near the target site. The MDO-974A features an open-type chamber that is designed to accommodate multiple drive units, using a grid.  The MDO-974 has a closed chamber and is equipped with an acrylic XY stage with 18mm movement on each axis.

The MDO-84 is similar to the pencil type micromanipulator MO-10, but is a hybrid of oil-hydraulic and stepper motor control. Used in combination with a stereotaxic manipulator, the MDO-84 allows precise remote-controlled movement, with travelled distance shown in the digital display.  Two setting modes are available, either entering speed directly or entering distance and time, in the range of 0.1µm/s to 500µm/s.  The drive unit is small and lightweight so that it can be easily mounted on different manual manipulators and its compact design allows space around the head to provide access for other instruments.


MDO Hybrid Manipulators


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