NL844 4Ch AC Pre Amplifier

NL844 4Ch AC Pre Amplifier


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Supplied by Digitimer, the NL844 4Ch AC Pre Amplifier, from our Amplifier Module range, is a 4 channel AC coupled preamplifier which replaces the NL824. Unlike the NL824, filter and gain settings are controlled in pairs (i.e channels 1 & 2 and channels 3 & 4 share settings.

As well as amplifying 4 channels, the unit can also be operated in a single or two channel mode (channels 1 & 3 or 2 & 4). The NL844 needs to be connected to the NL820A Isolator module. NL844 4 Channel Preamp’s are ideally suited as a multi-channel EMG amplifiers or EEG amplifiers.

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NL844 4Ch AC Pre Amplifier

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