D400 Evaluation at Aston University

Digitimer D400 Mains Noise Eliminator
Your Research is Only as Credible as Your Data

Last year at SfN in Chicago, we announced the development of the D400, our new multi-channel 50/60Hz noise elimination device.  The D400 is the world’s first multi-channel, standalone mains noise eliminator and provides a truly cost effective opportunity to remove mains interference from multi-channel in vivo or in vitro recordings in animals and humans. Available in two and four channel versions, the D400 is a new standalone, mains noise eliminator designed for real-time removal of 50/60Hz mains noise interference from amplified biological and other signals prior to acquisition by digital data recording systems. The D400 is unique as a multi-channel, standalone noise eliminator, which does not have to be used in conjunction with any particular data acquisition system.  The improvements in signal to noise ratio made possible by the D400 enhance your ability to carry out accurate data analysis, reducing variability between the all important “n” numbers.

D400’s are Shipping Now!

We had hoped to “make some noise” about availability of the D400 at SfN this year, but with conferences and other live events cancelled, Coronavirus seems to have been 2020’s most successful “noise eliminator”.  Fortunately, interest in the D400 has been building significantly over the last year and only a few weeks after the first 2-channel and 4-channel units became available, we have already shipped orders to researchers in Europe, North America and Australasia.

So What Does it Do?  Mains Noise Removal without Destructive Notch Filtering

While the method of noise removal follows the principles of other single channel devices developed for electrophysiology, such as the Quest Scientific “Humbug”, the hardware and software algorithms used by the D400 have been developed wholly by Digitimer and are unique to this device.  For those unfamiliar with the concept of operation, the D400 receives amplified analogue voltage signals from an amplifier via its inputs and as these signals pass through the D400 noise eliminator, it rapidly constructs a phase-locked “mains noise template” and subtracts this from the original signal. Noise removal occurs in real-time and the noise template evolves constantly, so that any changes in the amplitude or other characteristics are corrected for. Importantly, the signal pathway through the D400 is analogue throughout i.e. the input signals are not digitised at any point, thus preserving data integrity.

D400 Evaluation at Aston University
D400 Evaluation (photo courtesy of Dr Douglas Caruana (Aston University)

Need a Demonstration?

Just click on the image below to see a demonstration of the D400 removing a significant level of 50Hz noise from a biological response. The upper (blue) trace shows the signal with the contaminating 50Hz interference, while the lower trace (red) is the same signal passing through the D400.  Within seconds, the D400 constructs a noise template and subtracts this from the signal of interest with no waveform distortion or digitization.

Demonstration of 50Hz noise removal by the Digitimer D400
D400 50Hz Noise Removal. The upper (blue) trace is a biological signal with 50Hz noise contamination. The lower (red) trace is the same signal passing through the D400, showing the template evolving and removing the noise in a few seconds.

Not only does the D400 remove mains noise in the 50Hz to 60Hz frequency, but it is also effective at removing associated harmonics of these frequencies. Importantly, and unlike standard mains Notch filters, this method of noise removal is not detrimental to signals of interest within the 50-60Hz frequency range.

Features of the new D400:-

  • Cost-effective, Multi-channel Noise Removal
  • Cancels Out 50/60Hz Mains & Harmonics
  • Channel & 4 Channel Versions
  • Easy to Use, Portable & Standalone
  • Analogue Signal Path with No Degradation
  • Suitable for AC or DC Coupled Signals


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