D177 Biofeedback Unit Digitimer


New Digitimer D177 Biofeedback Unit

The Digitimer D177 Bio-Feedback Unit has been developed to improve reproducibility of the Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) test. VEMP testing is an established clinical test to check the correct functioning of the balance organs, including the saccule, inner ear organs called otoliths, and the eighth nerve. The D177 Biofeedback Unit may also be employed for any neurophysiological evaluation that requires repetitive voluntary input from the subject. The D177 provides a visual indication of the effort being exerted and this helps the subject maintain the same level of tonic activation during each successive trial.


Easily Incorporated into Standard EP/EMG Systems.

The D177 has a 2.8m long cable, terminating with a 3.5mm mono audio jack, to facilitate connection to the audio output of an EMG amplifier. The D177 converts this voltage signal into visual feedback for the subject, in the form of needle movement on an analogue level meter. The subject is instructed to make an initial movement under the direction of the operator and the output ‘volume’ is then adjusted until the needle is in the centre of the display. No further adjustments are necessary until the test is complete for that person. All the operator need do, is ask the subject to exert enough voluntary effort to direct the needle to the centre of the display and maintain it there, during each trial.


Inexpensive and Suitable for Subjects with Large or Small EMG Responses.

The D177 Biofeedback Unit is a simple, inexpensive device which improves the reproducibility of neurophysiological tests including VEMPs. It is suitable for subjects with small or large EMG output, as the device is easily calibrated to an effort that each person can withstand and repeat comfortably.

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