D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker

D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker


  • Holding current of ±6nA.
  • Injection current of ±12nA.
  • Polarity reversal for de-blocking purposes.
  • For pipette resistances of up to 500Mohms.
  • LCD Display screen
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The D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker from Digitimer provides an isolated, bipolar and constant current output intended for cell labelling or cell marking of individual neurons with charged dyes, such as Lucifer Yellow, via iontophoresis.

Holding currents of up to ±6nA and injection currents up to ±12nA are possible and precisely set by single-turn panel mounted dials on the D380 Dye Marker. A compliance voltage in excess of ±6V allows the full injection current into electrodes with impedances up to 500Mohms. An LCD screen on the front of the D380 continuously displays the polarity and magnitude of the requested Injection and Holding currents as well as the electrode resistance and the voltage applied. The unit is powered from a single, standard, 9 Volt battery.

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Product Information

D380 Iontophoretic Dye Marker




The D380 included a TTL-gate BNC input socket, which allows a TTL high input to activate the injection current. This means that external devices can be used to control the timing of current delivery.

The 9V battery will last a long time (approx. 100 hours continuous use), however, if you start to see “Compliance Error” on the display, this is an indication that the voltage available is no longer adequate to pass the requested current. At this point, either the electrode impedance is higher than normal or the battery is failing.

The D380 is not supplied with any connection cables for the pipette/electrode, so we recommend you fabricate this link using a low leakage coaxial cable. The core should be connected to the pipette containing the dye and the shield should be in electrical contact with the bathing medium so that the circuit is completed and current can flow.


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