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D440 EMG Amplifier – Upgrade Opportunity

We are now able to offer an upgrade to older D440 EMG Amplifiers that improves their common mode rejection performance and can reduce persistent mains interference problems in certain circumstances.

2019 Nerve & Muscle Excitability Training Courses

Digitimer will be supporting two hands-on training nerve & muscle excitability workshops over the next couple of months, first at the Neuropathic Pain Congress (NeuPSIG 2019) in London and then at the 2019 ECCN Congress in Warsaw.

Digitimer Exhibition & Conference News

Digitimer has a busy exhibition schedule over the coming months with the BNA Festival of Neuroscience in Dublin, closely followed by the 7th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain in London and then, the 17th European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology in Warsaw at the beginning of June.

DS8R – A New Tool for Sensory Threshold Stimulation

We are excited to announce a major upgrade to the DS8R Isolated Bipolar Stimulator, which can now deliver stimuli as low as 100µA, making it fully compatible with research requiring stimulation at low sensory threshold levels.

Lower Cost Disposable Bipolar Probes for the DS7AP

Digitimer now offers a disposable bipolar probe specifically designed for use with our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator. If you are still using reusable probes with our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator and want to try out our disposable alternative, please contact us.

NEW DS7R High Voltage, Constant Current Stimulator

The DS7R high voltage, constant current stimulator. 1000mA output and versatile pulse duration settings make it perfect for demanding human research.

Intracellular Recording with the NeuroLog System

Learn about one of the most popular applications for our NeuroLog System – Intracellular Recording.

DS7AP Paediatric Surgical Stimulator – Now FDA Cleared

  DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator Cleared for Marketing in the USA We are delighted to announce that the DS7AP Muscle

MED64 Multi-electrode Array (MEA) Technology Now Available

New Alpha MED MED64 MEA Distribution Partnership.

The Ups and Downs of Vestibular Stimulation Research

   In December 2017, Digitimer supported a project aiming to determine how gravity modulates the vestibular contribution to perceptions of

New DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator

The next generation of muscle and nerve stimulators has arrived! Digitimer has launched the eagerly-anticipated DS8R, an innovative new stimulator

Digitimer Exhibiting at SfN in Washington DC

Digitimer will be exhibiting at SfN in Washington in 2017. Come and see us at #2116.

Broken stimulator or just flat batteries?

Get into the habit of checking the batteries in your Digitimer stimulators, to make sure they don’t stop working in the middle of an experiment.

D188 – Digitally Controlled Remote Electrode Selector Now Available

   Digitally Controlled Switching of Stimulation Sites We are delighted to announce that the D188 Remote Electrode Selector is now available from

Hot Topics of Sensory-Motor Physiology Discussed in Bristol

It may have been hot enough to melt one of Bristol-based Aardman Animations modelling clay creations, but while the UK

12th Goettingen Meeting – Cakes & Neuroscience

   The biennial Goettingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society took place between March 22nd and 25th 2017.  Digitimer supported

Getting Connected – Electrode Connection Options

A guide to the electrode connection options for Digitimer clinical/human research stimulators.

HEKA Patchmaster 101 Webinar

    On Friday March 17th (7am and 2pm, ET), HEKA will once more be offering a Patchmaster 101 webinar,

Narishige PC-100 Pipette Puller Launched

New PC-100 pipette puller launched by Narishige. Familiarity of the PC-10 coupled with some significant improvements.

Timing & Stimulation without a PC

Some simple NeuroLog System stimulation setups, illustrating how the NeuroLog System can be configured for basic electrical stimulation protocols.

NEW BSC2-2 Dual Channel Interface Slice Chamber

  This new interface mode brain slice chamber is a dual version of the BSC2 designed to maintain isolated, living

Digitimer North American Office – OPEN!

Digitimer North American Office – OPEN! Digitimer is excited to announce the opening of our North American office from November

Society for Neuroscience in San Diego

Digitimer were in sunny San Diego last month for the Society of Neuroscience. It was another great opportunity to meet up with customers, distributors and new faces. This was Neuroscience’s 46th annual meeting allowing neuroscientists to present emerging science and explore new equipment and technology while meeting and trading knowledge with other like minded people from around the world.

DS3 Output Clamp – The Why, When and How

Capacitance build up is often associated with repetitive in vitro stimulation – with our DS3 Stimulator it doesn’t have to be a problem.

NeuroLog System Applications – Extracellular Recording

Learn about one of the most popular applications for our NeuroLog System – Extracellular Recording.

Digitimer Supports Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting

Digitimer supported the recent meeting of the Scottish Neuroscience Group by providing student prizes for the best oral and poster presenters.

Product Focus – DS2A & DS3 Isolated Stimulators

Our DS2A and DS3 stimulators are designed for stimulation in in vitro or small animal applications. Here we examine their capabilities in more detail.

Constant Current Stimulation & Compliance Voltage

Ever wondered what “constant current” or “compliance voltage” meant? Are you mystified by “out of compliance errors”? Just read on to find out more.

Digitimer Conference & Exhibition News

Details of upcoming conference exhibitions and meeting sponsorships undertaken by Digitimer or our representatives.

DS8R Biphasic Stimulator & D188 Remote Electrode Selector

New products in sight! The first completed prototypes of the DS8R & D188 are currently undergoing testing here at Digitimer

Digitimer Life Science Brochure

Digitimer now has a dedicated Life Science Brochure for all our Clinical & Research products! Digitimer has just launched a

WIN a brand new iPad Pro!

Chance to WIN an iPAD, If you are using a Digitimer device for some ground-breaking research or just employing it in a novel way, we want to see and hear all about it.

D360 Modification to stop 4G interference

4G or not 4G? While 4G signals are enhancing the speed of mobile networks, the increasing number of masts being

HUGE 30% Price Drop on D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier

We’ve dropped the price of our D360 8-Channel Patient Amplifier   We would like to remind you of our recent

Distributor Web Portal

We’ve created a dedicated page just for our Distributors You may have noticed that Digitimer is continuously adding new product

HALF PRICE D380 Iontophoretic Dye Markers

We have a handful of D380 Iontophoretic Dye Markers available at HALF PRICE. Believe it or not, it must have been

New High Quality Tungsten-in-Glass Electrodes

New Tungsten in Glass Electrodes We will soon be able to offer a new range of high performance tungsten-in-glass microelectrodes

In a Spin – Improving VEMP Test Reproducibility with Biofeedback

Digitimer D177 Bio-Feedback Unit has been developed to improve reproducibility of the Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) test.

Patching in Small Spaces – Compact S-Probe Headstage from HEKA

Perfect for applications where space is limited or weight is an important consideration, the new S-Probe patch clamp headstage from HEKA provides you with a compact alternative to the standard patch clamp headstages

Making a Point – New High Quality Tungsten-in-Glass Electrodes – Samples Available

We will soon be able to offer a new range of high performance tungsten-in-glass microelectrodes for extracellular neuronal recordings.

FENS Meeting And An Invitation To Parkrun In Copenhagen

10th FENS Meeting in Copenhagen On July 2nd, members of the European and global neuroscience research communities will descend on

Download your 2016 Digitimer Product Guide

2016 Digitimer Product Guide Our most recent brochure is available to quickly download from our website, The brochure is also

Digitimer Youtube Channel Provides Enhanced Content

Digitimer Youtube Channel Provides Enhanced Product Video Content   The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed new videos appearing on

Evaluate our DS8R Biphasic Stimulator

Apply to evaluate our DS8R Biphasic Stimulator or D188 Remote Electrode Selector Within the next few months, we expect to

D360 8-Channel Amplifier price drop

The D360 8-Channel Amplifier price drop Medically certified in Europe, the D360 8-Channel Amplifier is our most highly specified and

Studying Coercion with the DS7A Stimulator

In a study reminiscent of the research into human obedience by Milgram in the 1960s, recently featured in the biopic

Recent Digitimer conferences

Recent Digitimer conferences have taken place in Nottingham and in Cambridge: Digitimer attended the Biomedical Basis of Elite Performance in

“Just following orders” – Studying Coercion with the DS7A Stimulator

In this study Patrick Haggard and colleagues at UCL and Université Libre de Bruxelles have used time interval perception as a measure of the sense of agency when delivering financial harm or pain to a human.

Automate Scientific Chambers Available At Digitimer

We now offer the AutoMate Scientific range of heated and unheated stage chambers which are compatible with most commercially available

Male Voiding Adaptor New To Digitimer

Brand new product for Digitimer Digitimer are pleased to share with you news that a brand new product has joined

Cystometry Catheter Sets At Digitimer

Are You Aware That Digitimer Offers Single Lumen & Double Lumen Cystometery Catheter Sets? For your convenience, our cystometry catheter

Method for Brain Boosting Effects of tDCS Debated

Waking the Dead – Method for Brain Boosting Effects of tDCS Debated A recent Science Magazine News report from Emily

Transducer Domes in stock at Digitimer

Digitimer have secured plenty of MX848 & MX848X2SC disposable transducer domes as well as plenty of replacement MX860 Transducers.

NEW Low Volume Multi-Channel Brain Slice Keepers from SSD

Low Volume Multi-Channel Brain Slice Keepers from SSD A range of multi-channel low volume brain slice keepers has been launched

Multi-Channel Brain Slice Keepers from SSD

Low Volume Multi-Channel Brain Slice Keepers from SSD A range of multi-channel low volume brain slice keepers has been launched

Patch Clamp Software Training Courses from HEKA

Patch Clamp Software Training Courses from HEKA As their UK partner, we would like to remind all those interested in

Upcoming Conferences Supported by Digitimer

Digitimer conferences Digitimer is pleased to be supporting the following conferences over the coming months. Due to other commitments we

Nerve Excitability Workshop 2016

Nerve Excitability Workshop 2016 – A Sell Out Once Again The Nerve Excitability Workshop 2016 was the latest in a