Narishige PC 100 Micropipette Microelectrode Puller 1

Narishige PC-100 Pipette Puller Launched


PC-100 DigitimerJanuary of last year saw the introduction of the new PC-100 Pipette Puller by our partners at Narishige. The Narishige PC-100 is an updated replacement for the PC-10 which is found in laboratories all over the world.

The PC-100 enables the user to produce a wide range of pipettes with tip sizes ranging from tens of µm down to 1µm. The PC-100 puller can be operated in one or two pull modes allowing greater flexibility in pipette shape.

As with the PC-10, the PC-100 Narishige Puller employs gravity as its pulling force and is supplied with four weights (two light and two heavy), in order to vary the pulling force. Continuing in the tradition of its predecessor, the Narishige PC-100 has been designed to be versatile, reliable, robust and easy to use.

The basic functions of the pipette puller remain the same, but with this latest puller, it has been made significantly easier to operate.

Below see a list of details about Narishige PC-100 Pipette Puller: –

  • Simple and easy to use; set-up is easier than previous designs
  • Digital display clearly shows status and setting
  • Heating value can be adjusted at any time, even after the needle is placed in the heater coil
  • Acrylic cover closes securely
  • Elapsed time (from the “START” to end) is shown clearly in the display
  • The slider unit is protected from dust and debris

The Narishige PC-100 puller is supplied with a sample of capillary glass (90mm by 1mm o.d. with filament) and a spare heater element.

To find out more about the PC-100 puller or to request a quote, please contact Digitimer on 01707 328347.