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HEKA Patchmaster 101 Webinar


On Friday March 17th (7am and 2pm, ET), HEKA will once more be offering a Patchmaster 101 webinar, aimed at Patchmaster novices or anyone interested in learning more about this powerful data acquisition and analysis software. This complimentary training opportunity focuses on the needs of beginners and includes details on the Patchmaster installation process and a live demonstration of the basics.  This is an open course and we encourage attendees to come prepared to ask questions.

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Elsen Digitimer

The presentation will be hosted by Dr. Frank Elsen, a Senior Application Scientist for the HEKA and Multi Channel Systems (MCS) product lines at Harvard Bioscience.  Prior to joining Harvard Bioscience, Frank worked as a research scientist at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute investigating the cellular properties of seizure before joining MCS in 2012, where he concentrated on developing an automated patch clamping system.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, you can register below.


As Digitimer is the official UK representative for the HEKA product range, our team is available to assist with any further questions or pricing enquiries.  We hope the webinar is of interest and look forward to hearing from you in the future.