DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator Featured Digitimer

Trade in a DS7A/AH for 20% discount on a DS8R

We’re so excited and proud of our latest development that we’re rewarding loyal existing customers with a 20% discount to upgrade their equipment!

The Digitimer DS7A and DS7AH remain”gold standard” high voltage, constant current stimulators for researchers working in human physiology and neuroscience, with thousands of peer-reviewed papers citing their use.  These popular electrical stimulators are now found all over the world and are employed in fields as diverse as sports science, cognitive neuroscience, nociception, sensory motor control, rehabilitation and psychology.

DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator Featured Digitimer

Next Generation Stimulation Technology

The recent development of the Digitimer DS8R has come on the back of an increasing demand for a high-powered stimulator that offers a range of innovative features. While the simple manual controls of the DS7 family make them easy to operate, this does lead to limitations in terms of automation and external control by other equipment.

Based on the high current and high voltage capabilities of the DS7A/AH, the new Digitimer DS8R stimulator provides researchers with the following benefits:

  • Multiple options for external or programmable control of the stimulator settings “on the fly”.
  • A truly biphasic, charge-balanced output with less than 1µs interphase interval.
  • Much finer control of pulse duration settings than the DS7 series allow – 50µs to 2ms in 10µs steps.
  • Pulse parameter measurements displayed during stimulation.

Enhanced external control means that stimulation protocols can be controlled via third party hardware and software, allowing levels of automation or even stimulus randomisation, which are impossible with the DS7A and DS7AH.

There are many DS7A and DS7AH stimulators still is use 20 or more years since they were manufactured, which is certainly testament to the longevity of these products, however, they won’t continue to work forever and with the arrival of the DS8R and the new features it brings, perhaps this is the perfect time to consider upgrading to the latest stimulation technology?

How to Claim Your 20% Discount

For a limited time Digitimer Ltd. is offering a 20% discount from the purchase cost of the DS8R, when a DS7A or DS7AH is traded-in against it.  To take advantage of this offer, the stimulator being returned for trade-in must be a Digitimer model DS7A or DS7AH stimulator and be returned (shipping pre-paid) to Digitimer in the UK.  Upon receipt, your 20% discount will be authorised in a formal quote.

Please note that this trade-in opportunity is only available to direct customers of the Digitimer UK office and does not apply to customers of our regional offices or distributors.