D330 MultiStim System

D330 MultiStim System


  • High power system for field stimulation of tissue and organ baths systems.
  • Timing parameters of each stimulation channel can be completely & independently controlled through the use of external logic control.
  • External devices can be used as a trigger or gating signal to all channels within the stimulator.
  • Internal pulse and train generation can be provided by selection of appropriate modules.
  • BiStim module allows normal, reverse or alternating output polarity.



The D330 MultiStim System, available here at Digitimer, has been designed for use in laboratories where a number of in vitro preparations or cell culture wells need stimulation from a low impedance source. These studies are known as punctate or field/bath stimulation.

The Multistim System uses a common timing waveform for each channel but a different stabilised stimulus to each preparation. The Multistim includes modules for constant voltage stimulation up to 100v 1a (D333H) and constant current stimulation up to 500mA from a 100v source (D343).

The D330 Multistim System is available in a 19” rack or bench mountable case, to suit the individual requirements of our clients and customers, which can house up to 10 channels of stimulation. The system is modular so that a minimal system may be expanded upon at a later date or split into smaller units for two sites.

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Product Information

D330 MultiStim Brochure

D330 MultiStim Operating Modes

D330 MultiStim Module Selection Flowchart

Publications which cite use of the Digitimer D185 can be found on Google Scholar.





  • Mains (Power) lead
  • Operator’s Manual


Of course, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, but perhaps you should take a look at our comprehensive D330 operating mode notes and module selection flowchart (see above) before doing so.

A single D337 rack supports 2 -10 channels of stimulation. In addition, multiple D337 racks can be linked by a “sync” cable allowing this maximum to be increased further. Please remember that for safety reasons any empty bays must have blanking panels fitted to protect the user from possible electric shock.

The output sockets on the MultiStim fit 2mm plugs. We can supply these in packs of 10 with either black or red insulation (part number NL822P/10-Blk or NL822P/10-Red).

This is the simplest possible MultiStim setup. If your software and hardware is capable of producing the required stimulation timing characteristics (i.e pulse frequency and duration), then all you require is a D337 Case, D334B Sync Module, the required number of dual stimulator modules/blanking panels and an appropriate cable (usually Lemo plug to BNC plug) to link the interface to the MultiStim. We also recommend a D335 meter in order to easily monitor the output current.

The D337 Case is specifically designed to hold timing and pulse generator modules in the first (left-hand) four bays. Dual width stimulator modules (D333H or D343) will ONLY operate correctly if they are placed in the remaining 10 bays.

The D333H and D343 modules include an overload LED which serves to warn the user if the current requested or required cannot be supplied by the stimulator. The D333H modules have an upper limit of 1A, so if the impedance of the preparation and the voltage settings are high enough, the module will reach the maximum output current and indicate an overload. The same effect can be seen with the D343 except this is a constant current device and will supply up to 500mA until it reaches a compliance limit of 100V. If you run into the above problems, consider whether you need to have the output settings so high and also check that your preparation and electrodes provide a low impedance connection.


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