NL506 Analogue Switch

NL506 Analogue Switch

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The NL506 Analogue Switch contains a single pole change-over analogue switch. The state of which is controlled by a logic signal. This signal can be generated externally or by the internal Flip-Flop switch that can be toggled by the negative going edge of a logic input. A front panel switch allows direct selection of the switch state which is indicated by an LED.

The switch is bi-directional allowing it to be used as a 1-input, 2-output or a 2-input, 1-output device. Also, as the NL506 Analogue Switch is analogue, it can handle signals up to +15V as well as being of low enough impedance to handle TTL signals.

Applications include:

  • Selection of one of two signals, under logic control, for recording or monitoring.
  • Distribution of a logic signal to one of two stimulators, as in bipolar stimulation using two stimulators.
  • Multiplexing two analogue signals onto one oscilloscope channel, a very useful secondary function.

Specifications: ANALOGUE SWITCH: range: ±15V; ON resistance.

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