About Us

The first “Digitimer” (DIGItal Time Interval Marker and Event Release) was designed by the late HB (Bert) Morton at The National Hospital, London in the early 1960’s. This was then manufactured and sold world-wide by Devices Limited. Other complementary products for Medical Research followed and Digitimer Limited became an independent company specializing in Electronic Instruments for Medical Research and Clinical Investigations in 1972.

In 1997 Digitimer Limited acquired our sister company GMP Limited. GMP was a sub-contracting company who for many years built all our products as well as providing sub-contacting services to many other companies. In March 1997 Digitimer became certified to the ISO9002 Quality Standard. Over the next few years our quality system evolved in line with changing regulations and standards and we are now certified to ISO 13485: 2016 (EN ISO 13485: 2016). ISO 13485 is identical to the well known standard for Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, but with the more stringent controls that are required for the manufacture of medical equipment. As Digitimer has a successful history as a sub-contract manufacturer this activity is included in the scope of our ISO 13485 certification. As a result we can offer services to Medical Device companies who chose to outsource their manufacturing activities, assuring them of full regulatory compliance in everything we do for them.

Digitimer 40th Birthday
For our 40th birthday in 2012, we produced this timeline of our most significant achievements. In 2022, Digitimer will celebrate 50 years in the industry.
About Digitimer
Through several equipment loan schemes, Digitimer supports a number of educational workshops, including those focused on human nerve & muscle excitability.

In March 2006 Digitimer acquired some product, brand name, distributor rights and key personnel from Lectromed (UK) Ltd. Lectromed had been a major player in the field of Urodynamic Investigations for many years and Digitimer’s acquisition represented a diversification and expansion into a complementary field of medical investigation devices and associated accessories.

Digitimer has been successful in the Medical Research Instrument, Clinical Investigation Instrument and Sub-contact Manufacturing business for many years. This has happened because of our attention to detail in specifying, designing and manufacturing innovative products that meet customer needs. We pride ourselves in our pre-sales and after-sales service, offering help and advice in a professional and friendly manner. Our Quality approach has led to a world-wide reputation of which we are proud; so much so that our quality statement is: “Maintaining the Digitimer name as an acknowledgement of Quality”

Digitimer was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of ensuring that our products were CE compliant before the European Directives came into force. We placed much effort in modifying, where necessary, our existing products and we continue to place the highest priority on ensuring that all our products meet or exceed the required standards. At the same time we advise the companies that we are Distributors for in the UK, of the modifications required to their products to meet regulatory requirements.

Digitimer prides itself with the close connection we have with universities and hospitals in developing new products. Often these products are used in leading techniques in the clinical or research environments. If you know of any potential product that would fit our product profile, please make contact with us. With a least 13 companies around the world distributing our products Digitimer Limited is a truly international company.

About Digitimer Sponsorship
In 2017, several of our DS5 Bipolar Stimulators were used for posture and balance research in the European Space Agency (ESA) “Fly Your Thesis” parabolic flight campaign.