As a leading supplier of products for life science and neurophysiological research, we manufacture and stock a diverse range of stimulators – including constant current and constant voltage stimulators, low-noise stimulus isolators, and multi-channel stimulators for human and clinical use.

These are all innovative, high-quality devices, available at very competitive prices. Whatever the nature of your latest research study, we’re almost certain to have a stimulator that meets your needs.

Browse our full collection today, and if you have any questions – or would like tailored advice on the best electric stimulator for your application – please don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Why shop with us for stimulators?

Digitimer Ltd has an international reputation for high-quality electrical stimulators. Our devices are used all over the world for electrophysiological applications, both in clinical and biomedical research areas, and we always strive to push the boundaries with our product range.

Over the last 40 years, we have honed our skills in this area and created a fantastic selection of stimulators to meet our clients’ needs.

Nevertheless, we’re still committed to product development and continuously work alongside universities and hospitals to develop new innovative devices. The latest of which includes the DS8R – a multi-mode constant current stimulator, designed for human research and regarded as the ‘next generation’ of muscle and nerve stimulation.

All of our stimulators are CE certified and either meet or exceed required standards. As an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, we have extensive experience within the area of medical device design, development and manufacture. Furthermore, client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Our prices are competitive and we pride ourselves on our excellent pre- and post-sales service.

How much will an electrical stimulator cost?

This depends on the type of stimulator you require and can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. The manufacturer’s Net List Price for each stimulator is displayed below. But please note, this excludes UK VAT and shipping costs, and international pricing will be influenced by exchange rates, local taxes, import charges, operational costs, shipping and packing.

To get a better idea of the cost of your chosen stimulator, the best option is to request a quote. Simply add the device to your ‘quote list’ and provide a few details, including how you intend to use the equipment. A member of the team will then respond to your enquiry, with application-specific recommendations and an accurate quote – in either GB Pounds, US Dollars, or Euros.

Alternatively, to find out more about our stimulators and their associated costs, you’re welcome to call us at any time. Simply dial 01707 328347 for UK enquiries or (954) 334-1070 for US enquiries.

How do I buy an electric stimulator?

Our electrical stimulators are not currently available for online purchase. Due to the complex nature of these devices, we ask potential customers to first make an enquiry or request a quote. Just submit our online quote form, give us a call, or send an email to

Once we have received your enquiry, a member of the team will respond as soon as possible with further information – including specific application recommendations, tailored advice on the best stimulator for your requirements and the estimated cost of your requested equipment.

If you wish to go ahead with the purchase, please submit a purchase order to our team via mail or e-mail.

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