D332T Pulse Module

D332T Pulse Module

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The D332T Pulse Module provides the internal frequency and pulse width for the stimulation pulse. It provides 5 decades of control for the frequency and 4 decades for the pulse width using single turn controls and rotary switches.

  • The width (duration) circuit is designed so that :-
  • There is a stimulus pulse at the very start of a gating period initiated by the D331AT Sync & Gate, D341A Sync & Train or externally.
  • The output pulse is always FULL WIDTH and is not terminated by the end of a gate period.
  • The output pulse will not be extended if a second trigger pulse is received whilst a width pulse is in operation. A trigger pulse will be able to initiate a second FULL width pulse almost immediately after the end of the first pulse – there is no way of guarding against this, and this may look like a single double width pulse at the output.
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D330 MultiStim Brochure

D330 MultiStim Operating Modes

D330 MultiStim Module Selection Flowchart

Publications which cite use of the Digitimer D330 MultiStim can be found on Google Scholar.




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