D188 and DS8R

Using the DS8R Stimulator with the D188 Electrode Selector

A uniquely versatile multi-site stimulator


The Digitimer DS8R Research Stimulator and D188 Remote Electrode Selector are both incredibly versatile new instruments, which have individually expanded the research capabilities of many laboratories, but it is when these two devices are combined, that their potential as a multi-site stimulator is realised.

D188 and DS8RSwitch stimulation sites in milliseconds with the D188

The D188 Remote Electrode Selector allows you to direct an electrical stimulus of up to 1A (at 400V) from a single stimulator to one of up to eight pairs of electrodes. The D188 is supplied with “virtual front panel” software compatible with WindowsTM 7 and higher, which permits manual switching between stimulation sites via a key-press or mouse click, but the D188 is really designed for digital control.

14458 D188 Ch1 On Digitimer
The D188 control software gives the user the ability to manually or digitally control the D188 electrode selector

While the D188 does not allow simultaneous stimulation from more than one channel, with switching times of ~1ms, it is possible to sequentially stimulate different nerves or muscles under digital control.  Such a capability might be used to assess nociceptive responses at different locations on the body or to activate muscles in a particular pattern for rehabilitation research, such as functional electrical stimulation.  However, before the development of the DS8R stimulator, the D188 would typically be used with our DS7A or DS7AH stimulators, which only permit manual adjustment of the stimulation parameters.  Manual adjustment is not a problem if the same stimulation parameters are required at each location being stimulated , but in applications involving stimulation of several different muscles, this is unlikely to be a viable approach.

Major Features of the D188 Remote Electrode Selector

  • Rapid switching (<1ms) between up to eight pairs of electrodes.
  • Digital switching or virtual front panel software control.
  • Software compatible with WindowsTM 7 and higher.
  • No visual or audible cues of switching (optional LED indicators).
  • Designed for safety in human research studies.

Add external control of stimulation parameters with the DS8R

With the development of the DS8R Research Stimulator, Digitimer added the capability to use external voltage signals or USB transmitted software commands to control a high voltage human research stimulator in real-time.  While the DS8R is perfectly capable as a manually controlled device, our DS8R programmers interface (API) allows third party software such as Python and Matlab to adjust stimulation parameters, while digital outputs delivered through DAQ hardware devices synchronise the triggering of the stimulator with changes in settings.

Major Features of the DS8R Research Stimulator

  • Current range 0 to 1000mA, in 0.1mA steps, from up to 400V
  • Current Output Limit (user set between 10mA and 999mA)
  • Pulse duration range 50-2000µs
  • Optional special edition firmware allows triggering at up to 10kHz.
  • Biphasic Output – Charge-balanced symmetric or asymmetric
  • Designed for human research use


Combine the D188 with the DS8R and unleash the power of multi-site stimulation!

When the ability to remotely switch channels is combined with software control of the stimulator, it becomes possible to tightly synchronise changes in stimulus location with current intensity, pulse duration or even stimulus frequency.  Tasks which would have previously required multiple isolated stimulators can now be accomplished by a single DS8R with its output connected to a D188.

Combining the D188 and DS8R with a PC and a data acquisition interface creates a powerful multi-site stimulation system.

If you would like to learn more about the D188, DS8R or their use together, then please contact us.