NL601 Pulse Integrator

NL601 Pulse Integrator

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  • Digital counter with analogue output
  • Amplitude is proportional to digital count
  • Three count ranges (255,2550,25500)
  • Internal/external logic control of reset function
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The NL601 Pulse Integrator, available at Digitimer, has a digital counter which produces an analogue output proportional to the count. A pulse at the input socket increments the counter towards a full-scale count of 255, 2550 or 25500 which is selectable by the front panel scale switch.

The NL601 Pulse Integrator will continue to increment on input pulses until the unit is reset. This can be done manually (with the on, off/reset switch) or by applying a pulse to the reset socket of the NL601. Alternatively, with the unit set to internal-reset, when the counter reaches full scale the unit will automatically reset.

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NL601 Pulse Integrator

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