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NG Secure

The NG SECURE nasogastric tube holder is made using a hypoallergenic tape and features a moisture-resistant foam cushion that creates a barrier between the skin and the tubing. By creating this barrier, the foam cushion on NG SECURE keeps pressure off of the patient’s nostrils and lips which may help to prevent pressure sores and discomfort.

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Taping to the oily nose area, conventional tube holders fall off within hours. The NG SECURE has a resealable tape flap for securing the tube onto the top of the foam cushion positioned under the nose. This innovative design permits the tubing to be readjusted or repositioned as necessary without re-taping and allows for the usage of simultaneous multiple tubing’s.

Nasogastric tubes form a vital element of surgical management and also have a variety of therapeutic uses.

Because they can be in place for long periods a securing system, Ng Secure, is vital for the patient’s health and comfort. Nasogastric stabilisation devices are available in many forms and offer a more effective anchor than surgical tape.

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