Cerclage Pessary Perforated

Cerclage Pessary Perforated

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The Cerclage Pessary Perforated is used to treat pregnant women with cervical incompetence in order to support the cervix and turn it towards the sacrum.

It may be indicated in pregnancies with a history of premature labor, multiple pregnancies or mothers who are exposed to physical strain (e.g. standing for a long time). It may also be indicated in pregnant women suffering from prolapse of the genital organs.

Using transvaginal sonography in a recumbent or upright position we have established normal values for the cervical length and an opening of the cervical os (funneling) for singleton and twin pregnancies. Low values of the cervical length and high values of the opening of the cervical os (funneling) help identify patients who might benefit from cerclage pessary placement.

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