D501 Isolated Temperature Monitor

D501 Isolated Temperature Monitor

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  • Isolated for safe human research use
  • Developed for use with QtracW software
  • Allows continuous monitoring of skin temperature
  • Compatible thermistor also available

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The NEW Digitimer D501 Isolated Temperature Monitor has been designed specifically for use with QtracW software for monitoring of human body temperature during muscle and axonal excitability measurements.  Featuring USB power and data transfer to QtracW software, the D501 has an e-Ink display so temperature may be visually checked while a protocol is in progress.

Data obtained from in vivo physiological studies are high temperature dependent, and because a QtracW protocol can take 10-15 minutes to complete any changes in body temperature will be reflected in the results.  By recording skin temperature alongside excitability measurements, changes can be controlled for/checked for significant shift during a recording.

The D501 will be supplied with a compact, cable-mounted thermistor, which when used with the D501 provides isolation to medical device safety standards.  However, the D501 is not a medical device and is only marketed for human research use.

Although the D501 has been specifically developed for use with QtracW software, we expect it to have wider uses, where there a requirement to monitor the temperature of a subject in a safe, electrically isolated manner.

Pre-production prototypes of the D501 are soon to be available and once QtracW software is updated to allow this additional parameter to be recorded, we will be seeking existing QtracW users who would like to trial the D501.  Please use the request a quote facility to express your interest in this new product.


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D501 Isolated Temperature Monitor




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