NL540 Inverting Attenuator

NL540 Inverting Attenuator

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The NL540 Inverting Attenuator is a four channel NeuroLog System module that can be used with our amplifiers to attenuate and or invert up to four input signals. Inversion or attenuation can be:-

  • Activated when the Manual/External Gain Control switch is moved from the NORM. to the ALT. position on the NL540 (MANUAL CONTROL).
  • Initiated and terminated (toggled) by successive TTL logic pulses at the External Trigger Input Socket (TTL PULSE CONTROL).
  • Activated for the duration of a TTL high input at the External Trigger Input Socket (TTL GATE CONTROL). Four front panel DC offset controls allow small baseline offsets to be trimmed out at the input stage of the Inverting Attenuator so that it does not occur during the output stage.

You can discuss the NL540 Inverting Attenuator with the Digitimer team by either emailing [email protected] or calling 01707 328347 or you can for alternate methods of getting in touch please visit our contact page.


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NL540 Inverting Attenuator




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