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Smiths MX848 & MX848X2SC Transducer Domes – IN STOCK

Smith MX848 & MX848X2SC Transducer Domes

There have been many concerned medical professionals contacting us about this specific Transducer Dome, worried it is no longer available or believeing they need to undergo the expensive task of converting their machine to a different transducer. However, we are pleased to report that these concerns are unfounded and we have thousands of MX848 and MX848X2SC domes and MX860 transducers IN STOCK for you and plenty on order.

Digitimer continue to supply the MX848 Transducer domes in boxes of 50 and MX848X2SC domes in boxes of 25.

Smiths medical stopped manufacturing the MX860 transducer in 2014 due to new certification rules meaning they would have needed to re-design the way the electronics inside are soldered (lead free). Digitimer purchased a large stock for our customers.

As the manufacture of the transducers was coming to the an end Smiths asked all suppliers to forcaste their needs over the next 6 years, Digitimer has ordered enough stock to keep our customers well supplied for many years yet. As the average age of a Urodynamics machine is about 8 years we hope to keep everyone running until they have the need to change their machine.

There is no need to pay money to have your transducers converted.

Please feel free to contact us for more infomation on either the transducers or domes.