DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator Featured Digitimer

DS8R Biphasic Stimulator & D188 Remote Electrode Selector

The first completed prototypes of the DS8R & D188 are currently undergoing testing here at Digitimer and very soon, we aim to have a number of pre-production units ready to send out for external testing by some existing customers. If you know of anyone that would have an interest in trialling either or both devices, please contact us to discuss availability.


DS8R Biphasic Constant Current Stimulator Featured DigitimerThe DS8R is a new constant current, multi-mode, discrete pulse stimulator for human research studies involving nerve and muscle stimulation via surface electrodes.  It features a high compliance voltage and can be triggered by a TTL compatible input, contact closure foot/hand switch or front panel “single-shot” button.  The DS8R can deliver pulses of up to 2ms duration and 2mA-1000mA (at up to 400V), however the actual current achieved will be restricted by a pulse energy limit of 300mJ per pulse and the skin/electrode resistance.  The most important features of the DS8R are its ability to be controlled via an external device and options to deliver a truly bi-phasic, charge-balanced output.





D188 Electrode Switcher DigitimerThe “D188 Remote Electrode Selector” is another completely new product, allowing users to direct an electrical stimulus of up to 1.2A (at 600V) from a single stimulator to one of up to eight pairs of electrodes. The D188 is supplied with “virtual front panel” software compatible with Windows 7 and higher, which permits manual switching between stimulation sites via a keypress or mouse click. However, the D188 was predominantly designed for situations where stimulation delivery needs to be rapidly switched between sites under remote, digital control.  We believe the D188 will make the perfect accessory for the DS8R when researcher want to stimulate multiple sites at different times, with stimuli of different amplitudes.