Disposable Precision Bipolar Probe Digitimer

Lower Cost Disposable Bipolar Probes for the DS7AP

Digitimer now offers a disposable bipolar probe specifically designed for use with our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator, during surgical correction of congenital anorectal malformations.  Our new probes are the perfect replacement for the soon to be discontinued reusable bipolar probes, originally supplied with the PS-1 and PS-2 Peña stimulators.

More popularly known as Peña surgery, after Alberto Peña MD who first developed the technique in the 1980’s, posterior sagittal anorectoplasty (PSARP) revolutionised the treatment and care of children with anorectal malformation. It gave greater surgical accuracy to the re-positioning of the anus, minimized damage to surrounding anatomical structures, lessened post-surgical pain and most importantly improved the final outcome for patients.  Our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator is now FDA cleared in the USA and used in over 30 countries to aid surgeons with their identification of the anal sphincter musculature.

DS7AP DP 800 Digitimer

Specifically Designed for PSARP Surgery

The new probes are exclusively designed and manufactured for Digitimer and are supplied singly-wrapped and EtO sterilised, in boxes of 10.  The probes feature two parallel 70mm long tips insulated over their length, except for 1mm at the end.  This final uninsulated portion is separated by a gap of 0.5mm, allowing for precision electrical stimulation.  The probes feature a moulded plastic handle, which is comfortable for the surgeon to use while identifying the underlying anal sphincter complex.

DS7AP DP Tips 800 Digitimer

An Economic Alternative to Reusable Probe Sterilisation

Reusable probes are expensive to buy, becoming more inconvenient to sterilise and most importantly are being discontinued by the manufacturer later in 2019.  As a result, many hospitals have already decided to switch over to our disposables probes.  Note that in order to use the disposable probes with the DS7AP, you will require our 2m long reusable output cable (D185-HB4-2m), which is now included with all DS7AP stimulator purchases.

If you are still using reusable probes with our DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator and want to try out our disposable alternative, please contact us or your local Digitimer representative to request a free sample.