D330 MultiStim System

The modular MultiStim System has been designed for use in laboratories where several in vitro preparations in tissue baths or cell culture wells require field stimulation from a low-impedance source. The system uses a common timing waveform for each channel but different stabilised stimuli to each preparation. The system includes modules for constant voltage and constant current stimulation.

D330 Multistim rack

High Current or Voltage Stimulation

The system provides a choice of either constant voltage stimulation (up to 100V at 1A – D333H) or constant current stimulation (up to 500mA from a 100V source – D343).

Built-in Stimulus Monitoring

The D335 – Meter can be fitted into the system to allow precise voltage or current monitoring.

Internal or External Timing Capabilities

A selection of timing modules are available to generate pulses, variable in frequency and width, which can be controlled as bursts using a gating waveform, variable in repetition rate and duration or pulse count. Sockets are fitted to allow full external control and synchronisation if required.

Bench Top or Rack Mountable

The D330-MultiStim System rack/case is available in a 19″ rack-mountable unit – D337, that can house the Gated Pulse Train Generators and up to ten stimulation channels.

Modular Solution for Changing Requirements

The modularity of the system allows a system to be extended or split between smaller units for two sites.

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