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Ever heard of the name ‘Narishige’?

If you work in the field of life science research, the answer is almost certainly yes.

For more than 40 years, it’s a company that has supported clinical medicine and physiological research – in Japan and around the world – with their collection of micromanipulators and precision instruments.

Their equipment has successfully contributed to clinical embryology as well as discoveries in zoology, neurology, psychology, pharmacology, electrophysiology and many other areas of scientific enquiry. And thanks to their unwavering commitment to quality and technology, the company has maintained an excellent international reputation since its day of inception.


Using a micromanipulator


Here at Digitimer, we aim to offer our customers a diverse portfolio of products to meet all research requirements – which is why, in addition to our own product catalogue, we also distribute for several other respected partner companies, including Narishige.

We’re incredibly proud to say that, within our life science department, we stock the complete range of Narishige products, including micromanipulators and adaptors, peripheral equipment (i.e. pullers, microforges, microgrinders) and many complementary accessories.

Whatever your exact field of research may be – if you’re looking to perform micromanipulation with ease and precision, a Narishige micromanipulator could be the ideal choice for you. Why not take a look, or get in touch with our specialists for more information?



A full range of high-quality manipulation equipment



We supply the full range of Narishige micromanipulators (coarse and fine), including:


Injection system manipulators

Both high and low magnification variations are available to suit a variety of experimental applications.

Electrophysiology system manipulators

We stock mechanical, hydraulic and motorised manipulators, suitable for a wide range of electrophysiological applications, such as extracellular field potential recording and patch clamp.

Depending on your requirements in relation to precision and movement range, you can also choose from single and three-axis manipulators, with coarse and/or fine movement control.

YOU compact manipulators

This is a selection of compact and budget-friendly micromanipulators, which provide precision and reliability in an affordable package. Either choose a complete ‘manipulator set’ or select modular component parts to assemble your own custom manipulator tailored to your research.

Chronic manipulators

A series of manipulators for chronic electrophysiological recording in the brain, available in a wide range of specifications for use with animals of different sizes and species.

Stereotaxic system manipulators

A collection of high-quality, high-precision equipment, including stereotaxic frames, manipulators and stereotaxic injectors for use with mice, rats, new born rats and common marmosets.



Pipette fabrication tools

In addition, we also offer a selection of pipette fabrication tools by Narishige, including:


Micropipette pullers

These vertical pipette pullers use gravity and magnetic force, to manufacture patch clamp and micro-injection pipettes, multi-barrel electrodes, thick glass tubes and other special microneedles.


The new MF2 Narishige Microforge is a useful piece of peripheral equipment for microscope guided glass cutting, fire-polishing or bending and forming of glass micro-tools.


Another beneficial peripheral tool, designed for pipette grinding. Whilst the EG-45 offers basic functionality, the recently updated EG-402 includes a microscope for better visualisation of the tip.

Glass capillaries

A selection of high-quality borosilicate capillary glass and glass rods for a variety of applications. Available with different internal and external diameters and lengths, and with or without internal filament.


Additional equipment


Anti-vibration platforms

We also stock Narishige’s collection of anti-vibration equipment. All of which are designed to provide a stable platform for your micromanipulator – reducing the impact of any vibrations when performing vibration-sensitive manipulation techniques under microscopic control.


Narishige micromanipulators


Got a question about a Narishige product?

Detailed information on the complete Narishige collection can be found in their product catalogue. If you’re thinking about placing an order, we’d highly recommend taking a look.

You’re also welcome to contact our specialist team, here at Digitimer.

As an established supplier of scientific and medical instrumentation, we’ve partnered with Narishige for many years and have excellent knowledge of their full range of micromanipulators and precision instruments. We’re always happy to help and will gladly talk you through the features of each, offering advice on the best options to meet your current research requirements.

Either call us on +44 (0)1707 328347 or send an email to [email protected].