D179 Performance Checker

D179 Performance Checker

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  • Improved version of the EPTA 1179 Unit
  • More accurate than the orginal 1179
  • Uses fewer leads
  • Single-handed operation



The Association of Neurophysiological Scientists (ANS, formerly known as EPTA) have transferred the manufacture of their model 1179 Performance Checker to Digitimer Ltd. As a result, we are now able to offer the updated 1179A unit (model D179) with or without the required function generator.

Guidelines drawn up by the ANS urge clinical neurophysiology departments to carry out certain routine checks on their equipment to ensure that it is operating within specified standards and that is where the D179 Performance Checker comes in so useful. While many instruments offer internal calibration functions, these checks do not, of course, provide any independent verification that the equipment is functioning correctly. Only by use of an independent external device to carry out EMG amplifier calibration (or EEG amplifier calibration) can such checks be conducted with complete confidence.

The D179 Performance Checker is designed to be used in conjunction with a suitable signal source. The recommended signal source for those departments wishing to calibrate EEG amplifiers only is the TG315 Function Generator. For those departments needing to check Evoked Potential and EMG/Nerve Conduction systems as well as EEG, a signal source with a trigger input is needed. Here, the TG2511A is suggested, which is a digital function generator. Both devices are available from Digitimer and are supplied with a calibration certificate.

The 1179A Performance Checker accepts the output from either of the above sources, attenuates it by 100,000:1 (100dB) and presents it simultaneously to 32 outputs via standard 1.5mm touch-proof sockets on the top of the box. There are in addition a GROUND/COMMON socket and two REFERENCE/NEUTRAL sockets.

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Product Information

D179 Performance Checker





  • Operator’s Manual
  • 32 Red, 2 Black and 1 Green lead plus 1 BNC lead.


  • TG315 Function Generator
  • TG1010A Function Generator (includes Trigger Input for checking EP systems)


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