Cube Pessary Perforated

Cube Pessary Perforated

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The Cube Pessary Perforated is indicated in patients with more severe complaints of prolapse of the vagina and/or uterus for whom the pelvic floor is too weak to support ring pessaries. The vacuum effect of the concave surface permits adhesion so that this pessary can be used in cases with severe prolapse and incompetence of the pelvic floor.

The Cube Pessary Perforated are also suitable for expanding the vagina before vaginal operations to stimulate local blood supply if coated with oestrogen cream. The flexibility of the material permits the daily change by the patient herself with a thread which is fixed either at the edge or centrally.

Cube Pessary Perforated models allow for additional drainage of discharge.

Models of Cube Pessaries

4 different models;

  • Cube pessary with thread and button (WPK)
  • Cube pessary perforated with thread and button (WPLK)
  • Tandem pessary with thread and button (TP)
  • Tandem pessary perforated with thread (TPL)

Cube Pessary – Sizes

6 Sizes according to the following length of edges;

  • Size 0 = 25 mm
  • Size 1 = 29 mm
  • Size 2 = 32 mm
  • Size 3 = 37 mm
  • Size 4 = 41 mm
  • Size 5 = 45 mm

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Cube Pessary

size 0 (25mm), size 1 (29mm), size 2 (32mm), size 3 (37mm), size 4 (41mm), size 5 (45mm)