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Digitimer are Exhibiting at FENS 2022 in Paris

New product developments include the D360R-4 Amplifier and D400 Noise Eliminator

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Visit us at Stand #123

If you are attending FENS 2020 in Paris, please take the opportunity to visit the Digitimer exhibit (#123) and speak to our sales manager Gareth Thompson, who is looking forward to catching up with existing Digitimer customers and introducing other delegates to Digitimer’s product range.

This is our first large conference for over two years and we are excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss our range of neuroscience research instrumentation.  Whether you are working on animals, in vitro preparations or human subjects, we have electrical stimulators and amplifiers to suit most applications.

As well as a selection of Digitimer products, we will also be displaying equipment from our partners, including Automate Scientific, Scientific Systems Design and Narishige.

Two of the new Digitimer products we will have on the stand are shown below.

D360R-4 Isolated Amplifier

The new D360R Multi-channel Isolated Research Amplifiers are intended for electroencephalography (EEG), electromyography (EMG) or evoked potential (EP) studies in a human research environment. Based on the design of our extremely popular 8-channel D360 Isolated Patient Amplifier, the new D360R-4 is the first of this new family of amplifiers and provides a compact, cost-effective, but highly-specified 4-channel research equivalent.  Two channel (D360-R2) and 8-channel (D360-R8) variants of the D360R are being planned for future development.

D360R-4 Amplifier System
D400 Noise Eliminator Family

D400 Multi-channel 50/60Hz Noise Eliminator

The NEW D400 Multi-channel 50Hz/60Hz Mains Noise Eliminator is a standalone instrument designed for real-time removal of 50Hz or 60Hz mains noise interference, including harmonics, from amplified biological and other signals prior to acquisition by digital data recording systems.  Unlike 50Hz/60Hz notch filters, the D400 noise eliminator can remove mains noise without degrading the signal of interest, even if it overlaps with the mains frequency.  Much like the single-channel Hum Bug device originally developed by Quest Scientific, the D400 constructs a noise template which continuously evolves as the noise characteristics change.