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Pessaries at Digitimer


It’s fair to say, it’s not our main area of expertise here at Digitimer.

Primarily, we have a renowned reputation for the manufacture and supply of quality products within the international neurophysiological market. Which is why, when it comes to stocking up on urodynamics products – such as pessaries – we’re probably not the first name that comes to mind.

But the truth is, such products are part of our company’s heritage. Since we acquired Lectromed’s collection of urodynamic equipment in 2006, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading online suppliers. And now, when you type the words ‘buy pessaries’ into Google, you’re likely to find us near the top of the page.

Here’s why you can rely on us for all your pessary supply needs.


4 reasons to choose us for vaginal pessaries


1. Excellent choice

Our online range of vaginal pessaries is fully comprehensive. We stock a large and diverse choice of styles, with a suitable device for the effective management of all gynaecological issues and pelvic defects. Three of the most popular options include:

These are the most commonly fitted and usually the first style to be trialled. Ring pessaries are designed for support and are suitable for complaints of mild prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Cube pessaries are typically indicated for urinary stress incontinence and moderate cases of prolapse. They’re also suitable for patients with a particularly weak pelvic floor.

In most cases, hodge pessaries are used for severe complaints of stress incontinence. And in rare situations, where a pessary ring cannot be tolerated due to anatomical aberrations.

In addition, we also supply:

Perforated and non-perforated versions are available, and each style comes in a range of different sizes. Fitting is often a case of trial and error. But whatever the nature of your patient’s condition or needs, our range is likely to have the ideal pessary for them in terms of comfort and effectiveness.

Vaginal pessaries available at Digitimer


2. Experience and expertise

We may be an independent operation specialising in electronic instruments, but we took our name from a product by Devices Ltd – a company who were primarily a specialist in urodynamics. And we acquired our current pessaries collection from their successive company – Lectromed Ltd – who were a major player in the field of urodynamic investigations for several decades.

Rest assured; we have exceptional knowledge of all pessaries for sale on our website. And if required, we’re happy to provide detailed guides, research and information on all aspects of pessary therapy – including fitting guides and shape recommendations. Just get in touch with the team.


3. Competitive prices

Ultimately, our aim is to offer a consistent supply of pessaries at a competitive price.

Individual pessaries currently cost £30-80 each (excluding VAT), depending on the style chosen. Which is a fantastic price, given the quality of the product and our excellent pre- and post-sale customer service.

We don’t have a minimum order value – so if you need one pessary or one hundred, that’s absolutely fine. All styles in our pessary range are continuously kept in stock. If you place an order by midday, it will be delivered on the next working day.


4. Safety and quality

As a company, we’re committed to ongoing product development – and we work closely with many consultants and nurses to continuously improve our pessary range and ensure it’s the best it can be.

All of our vaginal pessaries are manufactured to the highest standards of safety and quality. Made from specifically long-lasting, skin-friendly silicone, they’re 100% latex-free and designed to be easily inserted and removed by the patient. They’re also individually packed and labelled for convenience.


Buy pessaries online today

If you’re searching for high-quality pessaries for prolapse or urinary incontinence, you’ve certainly landed in the right place. Digitimer is regarded as one of the very best suppliers of vaginal pessaries for a reason, and you’ll find a product in our urodynamics collection to suit all needs.

Simply browse the range, add your chosen pessary to basket and place your order.

Need more information?

Detailed descriptions of all of our pessaries can be found on their individual product pages and in our Urology and Urogynaecology Guide – so it’s worth taking a look around. You’re also more than welcome to contact our experts.

Whether you have a question about one of our products or would like tailored advice on the best pessary type or size for your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either call us on 01707 328347 or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll respond as soon as possible.