D344A Remote Module

D344A Remote Module

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The D344 Remote Module provides a front panel Power switch, power-on/fault bi-colour LED and independent control of each of the ten possible channels. These channels have an overriding ‘Enable’ control that enables the system to be instantly disabled using a single toggle switch.
The 15-pin ‘D’ connector provides pins for the independent control of each of the ten possible channels in a D337 Rack. It also has an external ‘Enable’ connection which, when selected on the toggle switch, acts as a simple ‘System-enable’. System earth is provided on the connector for cable shielding and logic zero volts and +5V is provided for a small amount of external logic if required.

Alternative modules
This is the only module that allows control of each channel independently. With the alternatives, all channels in a system are controlled with the same timing waveform, through the use of external or internal gating pulses and a D332T Pulse module.

As the D330 MultiStim System requires a module with a power switch in its left-hand bay, the only alternatives are.
D334B – Sync – This provides selection of internal or external control of the timing for the pulses. It also allows selection of an external gating waveform.
D331AT – Sync & Gate – As the D334, but with internal control of the repetition and duration of the gating waveform, allowing regular bursts of pulses.
D341A – Sync & Train – As the D331, but the duration its set as a number of Pulses.

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Product Information

D330 MultiStim Brochure

D330 MultiStim Operating Modes

D330 MultiStim Module Selection Flowchart

Publications which cite use of the Digitimer D330 MultiStim can be found on Google Scholar.




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