PC-100 Micropipette Puller

PC-100 Micropipette Puller


  • Simple & easy to use
  • Digital display clearly shows status and settings
  • Heat setting can be adjusted, even after glass insertion
  • Acrylic cover with magnetic closure
  • Elapsed time shown on the display
  • Slider unit protected from dust and debris



The PC-100 micro-pipette puller is a general purpose one or two-step puller suitable for producing pipettes ranging from tip diameters of several 10µm to 1µm.  This versatility makes the PC-100 pipette puller ideal for applications as diverse and biotechnology, micro-injection and electrophysiology.  The controls are intuitive and allow the user to set heater values for each pull.  The PC-100 also features removable light and heavy weights which are used to adjust the pulling force.  The adjustable heater settings, the variable weights and the option to use a one-step or two-step pull, give the PC-100 the ability to produce an extremely varied array of tips shapes and diameters, while ensuring reproducibility.

* The PC-100 is designed specifically for pulling ø1mm~1.5mm O.D. borosilicate glass capillaries. For pulling capillaries of different O.D. or different materials, contact us or your local Narishige representative.

The PC-100 is an evolution of the PC-10. The basic functions remain the same, but the operability has been greatly improved.

Accessories included Glass Capillary with Filament (ø1mm × 90mm)
Spare Heater (Kanthal wire)
AC Power cord
Working voltage AC100V ~ AC240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 70W
Heating element Kanthal wire heater / 2.5V at maximum
Weight Approx. 25g × 2
Approx. 100g × 2
Dimensions/Weight W205 × D190 × H185mm, 3.45kg

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