MF2 Microforge

MF2 Microforge


  • Glass micro-tool fabrication
  • Fire-polishing of micro-pipettes
  • Improved features over MF830 and MF900
  • Lens kit for micro-injection
  • 15x Eyepeices and 40x objective for patch pipette fire-polishing




The Narishige MF2 Microforge replaces and combines the features of the popular MF900 and MF830 models, which have been discontinued.  The new MF2 microforge permits the fabrication of glass tools and fire-polishing of micropipettes under microscope visualisation.  As with the MF900, the new MF2 offers a wide range of functions including the ability to cut, bend, fire-polish, form a spike or manufacture of a variety of micro-tools from glass pipettes.  Note that eyepiece/objective lenses are sold separately, so it is necessary to select the most appropriate lens set for your needs (see here and below).

The MF2’s microscope is compact, yet robust, reducing the risk of pipettes breaking during handling.  All fine controls are accessible via precision knobs installed on the microscope and the focus control can be switched to the left side of the microscope if preferred. The MF2 provides a heater-level readout, which is essential for such precision work.  The heater is turned on and off with the included foot-switch.  A new LED light source provide glare free illumination with variable brightness control.

An easy-to-use manipulator is provided for operating the heater and pipette, and the microscope is operated three-dimensionally with control close to the operator’s hand. Separate rotation mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement allow the pipette to be approached at any angle, while a special device in the heater section can form it into any required shape.

Improvements over previous models:

  • XY Control Unit is Stabilised – The XY control unit is now locked and does not feature the “sprung-return” feature of older models.
  • New Digital Display – Heater settings are easier to see or adjust and a “Burnt” warning alerts the using to a broken filament.
  • New LED Lamp Reduces Eyestrain – The new LED lamp has a wider range of brightness, presenting less glare to the operator.
  • Easier Wire Replacement – Spring-loaded clips enhance the user’s ability to replace the Platinum wire.


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