PE-22 Micropipette Puller

PE-22 Micropipette Puller



The PE-22 is an updated version of the former model PE-2, long established as the Ecclecs and tower type, featuring new characteristics for greater safety and stability. Like the conventional type, it stretches the glass capillary vertically, by using the gravitational force of its own weight and that of the magnet. The glass capillary is fixed by the drill chuck method, and capillary sizes ranging from ø2 to ø4mm can be used. The PE-22 can produce long, comparatively firm electrodes used for nerve center experiments, or multibarreled electrodes combining three, four and seven ø1mm glass capillaries. The magnet and heater are adjusted using the digital display, where the maximum output of each is represented as 100: this makes adjustment easy and contributes to greater accuracy in mass production.

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