Microforge Lenses & Eyepieces

Microforge Lenses & Eyepieces


  • Lens and eye piece kit
  • Suitable for Micro-injection Applications
  • 15x eye piece kit
  • 40x Objective for Electrophysiology




MF2-LS1 – Lens set 50x/100x (for Microinjection)

Set of eyepieces and objective lenses for microforge MF2. This set is the best option to make micropipettes for microinjection experiments that may require cutting, fire-polishing, bending and spike forming.

MF2-LS1 Len and eyepiece kit
* Compatible with microforge MF-830 and MF-900 (previous models)


Dimensions/Weight Objective Lens 5x ø24mm × 31.5mm, 50g
Objective Lens 10x ø24mm × 42mm, 80g
Eyepiece 10x ø27.8mm × 45mm, 30g
Eyepiece 10x with micrometer ø27.8mm × 48.5mm, 30g

MF2-LE15 – 15x Eyepiece set

This set replaces the eyepiece set included in MF2-LS1, giving higher magnification.  The set is comprised of one eyepiece with micrometer and one without.

MF2-LE15 Eypiece kit
* Compatible with microforge MF-830 and MF-900 (previous models)

MF2 Eyepiece micrometer

* The eyepiece can be rotated to the required orientation.

MF2-LO40 – Objective Lens set 40x (for Patch Pipette Fire-polishing)

This single 40x objective lens, in combination with the 15x eye piece set (ordered separately) allows for a total magnification of 600x which is suitable for visualising tips of patch-clamp pipettes, when fire-polishing.

Key features:

  1. Despite the high magnification of 40x, it has an extremely long working distance (W.D.) of 15mm.
  2. When changing the lens with the revolver, it does not get close to the heater, making the operation easier than previously.
  3. There is more space available for lens and heater parts. The greater distance from the heat source prevents lens deterioration.
  4. The lens is also compatible with Microforge MF-900 and MF-830.




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    MF2-LS1 Lens/Eyepiece set 50x/100x (Microinjection), MF2-OL40 Objective Lens (Patch Clamp), MF2-LE15 15x Eyepiece set