DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator

DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator

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  • MDD CE certified and FDA 510(k) cleared medical device.
  • 50Hz fixed pulse frequency.
  • 0-100mA constant current output from 100V compliance.
  • Two pulse durations (200µs or 500µs).
  • Compatible with our dedicated DS7AP-DP Disposable Bipolar Probes.



The Digitimer DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator has been designed to meet the specific requirements of paediatric surgeons who need a reliable and easy to use constant current muscle locating surgical stimulator when carrying out the Peña, “Pull-through” or PSARP (posterior sagittal anorectoplasty) reconstruction technique in children. Now used in over 30 countries around the globe, the Digitimer DS7AP is employed by a paediatric surgeon to identify underlying musculature which is used to reconstruct the rectum and anal sphincter.  The DS7AP is the only stimulator currently cleared by the United States FDA for use in this technique and is the perfect replacement for ageing Radionics PS-1 or Integra PS-2 “Peña Stimulators”.

The DS7AP output can be operated using a front panel toggle switch or optional foot pedal (D185-FS1) and can be supplied with single-use disposable bipolar probes (DS7A-DP).

The DS7AP generates a constant current stimulus of 200µs or 500µs duration at a fixed frequency of 50Hz. Current amplitude is dial controlled over the range of 0-100mA and the stimulator has a compliance voltage of 100V.  The DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator is FDA cleared and a CE certified medical device.

CAUTION: Federal law restricted Muscle Locating Stimulator to sales by, or on order, of a practitioner licensed by the law of the State in which he/she practices to use or order the user of the device.

Please note that the DS7AP is no longer available for sale in Canada, as it is not registered with Health Canada as a medical device.

To learn more about this product, contact us by calling 01707 328347 or via email at sales@digitimer.com.

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Product Information

DS7AP Muscle Locating Stimulator





  • Mains Lead
  • DS7AP Operator’s Manual
  • D185-HB4-2m Electrode Extension Cable (for use with disposable probes)
  • D185-FS1 Foot switch (for hands free use)


  • E.DS7AP-DP Disposable Bipolar Probe (10 off)


Yes, the DS7AP was introduced specifically to meet the needs of paediatric surgeons who needed to replace these older devices that are not certified to the current medical device standards.  As the DS7AP has 4mm touch-proof sockets, it is compatible with the reusable PS2-P probes, but as these are no longer manufactured we recommend our single use alternatives.  The DS7AP is supplied with an adaptor cable to make use of our disposable precision bipolar probes simple and convenient.

While we do not have direct clinical experience, our customers typically recommend that a current of between 80 and 100mA is required when stimulating at the skin surface, but as the surgery progresses into deeper tissue, the current may be reduced to around 40-50mA.

The amber out of compliance warning LED typically only illuminates when the impedance between the stimulation probe tips is excessive and is preventing the dialled current from being delivered.  Impedance issues are usually resolved by swabbing with saline immediately prior to stimulation, as this makes the skin more conductive and allows the stimulator to work more effectively.


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